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Who We Are

Authentic Mexican Experience...

even our furniture.

Two Mexican American brothers who always had a goal to reach the American Dream doing the only thing they knew how. 

Edgar and Cristian, brought to the states as kids, had a will to do something great for their family. They grew up in a hard-working household, both parents working two jobs to keep the family going. Their parents taught them everything they knew about working hard. 

In 2004 the Gomez family had their first big break. They opened their first restaurant where Edgar and Cristian grew up and learned everything about hospitality and Mexican homestyle cooking from the parents. 

Edgar and Cristian, with the help of a silent investor, started Los Chicos Tequila Bar & Grill from scratch. To give the Petal Community something new, something that Edgar and Cristian lived every day in their home. Hospitality and Mexican experience are what they are all about...

We hope to give the Petal community everything they expect from a Mexican restaurant and more. We go the extra mile to ensure that our patrons have the best experience possible.

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